3 Places To Find Asbestos That You May Not Have Considered

Asbestos being found within old buildings is not surprising news to hear, and the scientific fact that exposure to the fibers can cause lung cancer and other health problems is known by much of the world. As many homeowners who live in older homes spend the money and time testing their attic spaces and walls for asbestos, many individuals overlook the reality that it may be hiding nearby in other places as well. If you're ready to get serious about completely getting rid of the risk asbestos can pose to your health (and the health of your family), it may be time to consider these other three sources of the deadly fibers:

Fireproof Clothing and Items

If any benefit is to be said for asbestos, it's that the fibers are extremely fire resistant. Because of this property, many manufacturers who have developed fire resistant clothing and materials throughout the years have used asbestos in their products-- including pot holders, laboratory gloves, mattresses, and suits for firefighters. As research on the harmful effects of asbestos have come to light, companies have begun finding other ways to create their products. Unfortunately, the fibers still exist in older models (which otherwise are in completely fine condition).

Baby Powder

One of the most frightening places that asbestos may lurk is within common baby powder. Most people know that baby powder contains talc (a soft mineral that is ground up to create the talcum powder)-- but many of those same people are not aware that asbestos can occur naturally within it. While manufacturers claim that it's such a small amount that no difference is made and no health risks are posed, studies have linked at least one woman's death to lung cancer from the asbestos within talcum powder.

Vintage Appliances

The appliances of yesteryear can give your home a different, more refined look-- but they may be hiding a dark secret. Asbestos was used regularly in the manufacturing of old appliances such as stoves and stove mats. While there wasn't a risk to consumers when the product was brand new, the asbestos contained within the stove mats could be released into the air (and into the lungs of the family as a result) after normal wear and tear occurred.

The Bottom Line

Even if your home isn't old or you know that your walls harbor no asbestos, it's never a bad idea to get your home checked by a specialist. Since the deadly fibers could be hiding out other places than traditionally thought, it's smart to protect your family from any potential harm. The bottom line is that no risk is worth putting the health of yourself or your family in jeopardy, so give yourself the peace of mind by having your home tested for asbestos as soon as possible.