Signs That Your Chimney Is Need Of Repair

You might not always be able to tell immediately, but your chimney could be dangerous. There are signs you can look for to know if a repair is necessary. After all, a chimney can quickly become a fire hazard if these issues aren't addressed:

Damaged Mortar Joints

You might need to hire a professional to spot this from your rooftop, but if you have damaged mortar joints in your chimney masonwork, this is something that needs to be repaired. If it is not, your chimney could take more damage quicker and then expose your bricks to more moisture. When this happens, it can result in large cracks and eventually the collapse of your chimney.

Rusted Firebox or Damper

If you notice signs of moisture in your fireplace or chimney then it is a red alert that it isn't operating like it should. Rust is a tell-tale sign that too much moisture is in your chimney, and this could make the flue tiles crack which would allow heat into vulnerable areas of your home and result in a house fire.

Spalling Bricks

This happens when natural stone, concrete, or brick is invaded by water and the stones pop out or flake off. Eventually this causes excess crumbling and even collapse of the structure.

Cracked Chimney Crown

This is another big sign that your chimney needs a professional repair. If you notice a crack on your chimney crown, then this means that water could be getting in. When this water freezes or thaws, it can contract or expand the structure. This leads to further cracking and eventually can mean that more shaling and spalling happens. Eventually, the danger is that your chimney could be greatly damaged and even collapse, if it doesn't cause a house fire by that point already. To prevent this, have your professional chimney specialist weatherproof it and inspect it regularly.

Wallpaper Damage

If you see damaged wallpaper near the chimney, be concerned. This could mean that extra moisture is coming from the chimney. The causes above could be responsible for this kind of moisture leak, and therefore all of the dangers discussed could be present. Seek repair or replacement from a professional right away if you notice this.

Your chimney can be a way to make great memories. It allows the fireplace to be operated safely. However, when problems occur, you need to be able to spot them. So look out for the issues above and contact your friendly professional chimney repair specialist when any inspection or repair is needed.