Cold Weather Siding Installation Tips

If you are thinking about installing new siding on your house during the winter months, you will need to take a few precautions, based on the type of siding that you want to install. Here is what you need to know about installing siding during the winter based on the building material you choose to use. 

Brick Veneer

You can install brick veneer when it is cold outside. The biggest issue with installing brick veneer is that the mortar that you use will need need time to set. It can take multiple days for the mortar to effectively settle. In order to settle, the temperature has to stay above freezing during this entire process. If the mortar freezes, it will not cure properly and will compromise the quality of your brick veneer. 

Wood Siding

You should not run into any problems installing wood siding on your home during the winter months. Make sure that you allow the wood siding to adjust to the temperature and climate for a few days before you install it. You need to do that regardless of the time of year.

The one thing you do need to take into consideration is what you plan to put on the wood siding. Although you can install wood siding in all types of weather, it generally has to be warm outside in order for you to apply either paint or stains to your new wood siding. The temperature needs to be consistently above freezing for your paint or stain to dry properly. 

Vinyl Siding

If you install vinyl siding when it is cold outside, you need to be very careful. Cold weather can cause vinyl siding to become brittle, and it could crack or fracture when it is cut or nailed into place.

You need to take special precautions if you install vinyl siding when it is cold outside. You should keep the vinyl siding inside of a heated area, such as a heated garage or shed, and cut it there instead of outside in the cold. That should help prevent your vinyl siding from cracking. 

Finally, only take one box of siding out at a time as you install the siding on your home.

Fiber Cement

You don't have to worry about the temperature outside when you apply pre-finished fiber cement to your home. However, like with the vinyl siding, you should only take out what you need and keep the rest of it warm. 

If you want to change the siding on your home during the winter months, make sure that you take the temperature into consideration during the installation process so you do not damage the building material. For more information, contact a company like Advantage Exteriors Wood & vinyl siding.