3 Places To Find Asbestos That You May Not Have Considered

Asbestos being found within old buildings is not surprising news to hear, and the scientific fact that exposure to the fibers can cause lung cancer and other health problems is known by much of the world. As many homeowners who live in older homes spend the money and time testing their attic spaces and walls for asbestos, many individuals overlook the reality that it may be hiding nearby in other places as well.

Pros And Cons Of Using Bleach To Remove Mould From Hard Surfaces

When it comes to removing mould, many people turn to bleach without question. It's just what you use to remove mould, right? While bleach is an effective mould remover, it is not the only mould remover. Borax, vinegar, and tea tree oil are just a few of the other compounds that can be used to fight mould. Further, bleach does have a few disadvantages as a mould remover. The next time you have a mouldy patch to address, weigh these pros and cons before reaching for your bleach bottle.